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EnerG2, LLC (formerly Lygan Tech.)


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RTD Award: Phase III

Research Partner: Guozhong Cao, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington

Project Phase Began: 2006

With today's rising gas prices, alternative fuel vehicles such as gas-electric hybrids and biodiesel are more in demand than ever. However, better energy storage technology is needed to bridge the gap between generation of power and consumption of power in these vehicles. Battery power has limited capacity; hydrogen power is still in its adolescence. High performance or "super" capacitors hold immediate promise as a solution. EnerG2 is a Seattle-based technology company dedicated to developing environmentally-conscious energy products. In 2004, EnerG2 partnered with Dr. Guozhong Cao, Associate Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering department at the University of Washington, to evaluate the properties and performance of the company's carbon-based material for a wide range of industrial, environmental, military and medical applications. The team received $240,000 in grant funding from WTC to conduct this research. In this third phase of R&D;, Dr. Cao and EnerG2 are working to further optimize the company's technology for super capacitors and develop a commercially-scalable manufacturing plan for introducing the product to market.

Research Partner: Dr. Guozhong Cao, Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Washington

Founded in 2003, EnerG2 is focused on developing and applying advanced technologies in the global energy sector. The company has teamed with Dr. Guozhong Cao to develop a nanotechnology-based industrial gas storage solution. While methane, nitrogen and other specialty gases have long been used in a wide variety of industrial applications, media for their storage have not been improved for decades. EnerG2's carbon-based nanostructures offer safe, efficient storage at an affordable cost, with the goal of reducing the industry's current dependence on high pressures, low temperatures and inflexible canister form factors to store industrial gasses. Initial research conducted by EnerG2 and UW's Materials Science department demonstrated that these specially-designed carbon cryogels are effective as high-efficiency, high-density gas storage media. This follow on grant funding will be used to focus on the remaining challenges to be overcome in order to commercialize this technology. The most promising potential markets for this technology are compressed natural gas (CNG) and industrial gas storage. Eventually, the company hopes to use this technology to provide a solution for hydrogen storage for fuel cell powered vehicles.

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