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12 Companies Receive Research Grants from Washington Technology Center

Sounder sleep. Healthier teeth and gums. More effective medication. Lush lawns and gardens. Tastier breakfast cereal. More powerful electronics. Stealthier military operations. These are some of the innovative ideas born from Washington researchers and business entrepreneurs that will get a jump start to market thanks to public investment from Washington Technology Center (WTC).

WTC's Research & Technology Development (RTD) grants program awards more than $1 million annually to university researchers teamed with technology companies on projects that show potential for commercial success.

Twelve Washington companies received awards totaling more than $657,000 in the most recent round of funding. These recipients represent businesses all across Washington, east to west and north to south, with research support provided by three of the state's major academic institutions: University of Washington, Washington State University and Central Washington University. This round of projects also strikes a nice balance of technology businesses operating in both urban and rural communities.

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The financing assistance provided by these awards is designed to help companies looking to develop innovative new products to get the support necessary to conduct critical research and development studies. The ultimate goal is to provide these companies with a competitive commercial edge, accelerate the delivery of new technologies to market and create healthy business and higher wage jobs in Washington. The outcome of the research in these 12 projects is estimated to generate 650 new technology jobs in Washington over the next five years.

Below is a list of the 12 RTD grant recipients. To read about each company and their research, click on the company names.

Phase One Award Winners
American Premix Technologies, Creston, Wash.
CellVitro Technologies, Inc., Seattle, Wash.
DiMeMa, Inc., Seattle, Wash.
Kronos Air Technologies, Inc., Redmond, Wash.
Pro-Tech Services, Inc., Mukilteo, Wash.
SoilSoup, Inc., Seattle, Wash.

Phase Two Award Winners
Andgar Corporation, Ferndale, Wash.
B&G; Farms, Royal City, Wash.
Insitu Group, Bingen, Wash.
MicroGREEN Polymers, Inc., Stanwood, Wash.
Second Act Partners, Inc., Redmond, Wash.
Tree Top, Inc., Selah, Wash.

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  • 2005 Technology Summit Focuses on Innovation Industries

    Washington Technology Center is pleased to be hosting the first-ever statewide Washington Technology Summit on April 8, 2005 in Seattle. This premier conference brings our state's technology professionals together to explore industry growth in Washington.

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    If you are interested in innovative technology in the areas of nanotechnology, life sciences, defense & security, or energy, this is one event you won't want to miss. WTC's Technology Summit is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to become more engaged with our state's strategies for capitalizing on market potential in these fields.

    Start the morning with general sessions that set the stage for evaluating our state's economic potential and what is needed to shape our future.

    Experts will discuss ways for Washington companies to:
    * Identify emerging business opportunities in Washington state;
    * Secure funding to advance R&D; and commercialization goals;
    * Build profitable partnerships with public, private, and government institutions.

    The afternoon will cover specifics around four industries key to Washington 's future: Energy, Life Sciences, Defense and Security and Nanotechnology.
    Industry Tracks

    Highlights include:
    * Biotech in Washington: Building a Strong Life Sciences Market
    * Energy Innovation: Positioning the Northwest to Lead the Energy Economy
    * Washington's Defense Industries: Where They Are & Where They Are Going
    * Nanotechnology - The Enabler: A Supporting Technology for Industries

    Wrap up with a networking reception and technology partner showcase.

    Register by January 31, 2005 and save 40%. Attend the entire conference for only $75. Registration fee includes all sessions and conference materials, breakfast, lunch, and networking reception.

    Bellevue Community College City of Seattle INTEC SIRTI Prosperity Partnership Puget Sound Energy Washington Manufacturing Services WSTPA

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  • Washington Technology Center Receives SBA Grant

    Washington Technology Center (WTC) recently received a Federal and State Technology partnership Program (FAST) award from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to lead a statewide program that encourages commercialization of technology research and investment in entrepreneurial technology companies. FAST is a competitive program that allows winning states to receive funding for programs that promote awareness about government grant opportunities through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

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    Washington is one of 21 states to receive a 2004 FAST award. The $95,000 grant is part of a matching funds program that supports program development, community outreach and mentoring services for Washington technology companies. The funding also supports technology-based economic development efforts at the community level in smaller urban and rural areas where growth potential exists. Washington Technology Center is the statewide organization that manages the grant and administers the Washington-specific program called WaFAST. WTC also received a FAST award in 2001.

    WTC's strong track record of helping entrepreneurial technology companies secure state, federal and private funding was a prime factor in WTC winning the award this year. In 2004, WTC held 10 seminars around the state that helped Washington technology entrepreneurs connect with and prepare for federal R&D; funding resources and private investment opportunities. WTC reached more than 400 businesses through these programs.

    Washington companies win close to $43 million annually in SBIR awards. More than 30 percent of the companies that are first-time SBIR winners in the last year took advantage of WaFAST services, either by attending an educational seminar or through one-one-one mentoring. Washington companies received $2.7 million in SBIR funding last year as a result of WTC's outreach efforts across the state.

    The FAST award will provide funding for 2005 programs throughout the state, with specific focus on Seattle, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Bellingham and Vancouver. These areas offer the strongest potential for community-based technology growth and have the resources and support services necessary to support entrepreneurial company creation and development. Local partners for the WaFAST program in these communities include Columbia River Economic Development Council, Bellingham-Whatcom County Economic Development Council, WSU Tri-Cities Business Links and SIRTI.

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  • SBIR 101 Comes to Bellingham: A workshop on federal research funding programs

    SBIR 101, WTC's popular introductory workshop on the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is coming to Bellingham, Washington. SBIR 101 is being held Wednesday, February 16, 2005, from 8 a.m. to noon at Rivetek's headquarters, 1315 Cornwall Avenue.

    If you are an entrepreneur interested in learning more about how your company can benefit from federal funding for R&D; projects, you won't want to miss this informative session.

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    The federal government sets aside $1.8 billion annually in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding for companies who seek financial assistance with technology research and production development. Your company may be eligible to receive up to $850,000 in federal R&D; funding.

    In this half-day seminar, professionals knowledgeable about the SBIR process will walk you through the basics of what it takes to win one of these competitive grants. Focus areas include:

    * Assessing your eligibility

    * Evaluating if SBIR is the right program for your company's R&D; goals

    * Navigating the SBIR process and target the agencies that are the best fit for you

    * Understanding the proposal process

    * Tips for preparing compelling, clear and concise applications

    Cost to attend SBIR 101 is $40 and includes breakfast and program materials.

    The Bellingham SBIR 101 workshop is being held in partnership with the Bellingham-Whatcom EDC and TAG, the Northwest Chapter of WSA.

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  • Energy Industry Plan in the Works for Washington

    A new plan to capitalize on Washington's strengths in energy resources and technology innovation could soon spell success for our state with respect to becoming a power player in the global energy market.

    The Washington State Office of Community, Trade and Economic Development (CTED) and Washington Technology Center (WTC) hosted a renewable energy & energy efficiency forum in November 2004 at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Wash. The purpose of the forum was to gather input on developing a statewide strategy for Washington's energy future.

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    The forum, which took the form of a large-scale focus group of energy industry representatives, technology entrepreneurs, utility companies, and government leaders addressed a range of topics that touched on renewable energy and energy efficiency challenges and opportunities for Washington.

    The Washington State Legislature has tasked WTC with developing a report that outlines a renewable energy and energy efficiency plan for the state. The report will outline opportunities in the energy technology sector and suggest actions items for capitalizing on the state's strengths with respect to new commercial markets in this industry.

    The forum provided an opportunity for stakeholders, industry experts and technology companies working on energy innovations to discuss the potential to develop and commercialize sustainable, renewable energy and energy efficient products through such emerging alternative power sources as wind, biomass and bio fuel.

    From this session, Washington Technology Center compiled information to create a draft plan for renewable energy and energy efficiency Strategy for Washington. The plan was reviewed and revised following a public comment period in December. The revised draft plan is being presented to the Washington State Legislature in January. The final report on renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities for Washington is slated for public release in March.

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    Seminars Help Educators Learn about National Science Foundation Programs

    In December 2004, Washington Technology Center hosted two National Science Foundation Day seminars in Western and Eastern Washington.

    These daylong workshops were held in Seattle and Spokane and drew 127 attendees who were given the opportunity to hear directly from federal program managers on two NSF grant programs for educators. The two programs – Partnership for Innovation ( PFI ), and Advanced Technological Education (ATE) – support technology transfer efforts among two-year and four-year degree-granting academic institutions.

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    The NSF Day Seminars were a collaborative effort among Washington's state and local organizations. The Seattle event was co-sponsored by Shoreline Community College and the Spokane event was co-sponsored by INTEC. Additional support was provided by Washington State University's Office of Grants and Research Development, University of Washington Contracts and Government Services and the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges. Congressman Jay Inslee keynoted the Seattle event.

    Evaluations from the session rated the program favorably, especially the presentations from the federal NSF representatives. Just over half of those attending the seminar were familiar with the programs and had applied for funding under them. More than 90 percent of those attending the event said they planned to apply for funding under these programs.

    WTC's goal is to be sure educators in our state are aware of state and federal programs that support unique industry outreach and technology transfer activities.

    WTC will continue to work with local partners to host these events across the state. There is genuine value in providing our academic leaders direct access to federal agency representatives. It is the best way for them to get tangible advice to help with program development and proposal reviews. One-on-one contact increases the success of these programs and accelerates the growth of Washington's technologies industries and provides them with a strong pool of entrepreneurs and technically skilled workers.

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