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MicroGREEN Gives Gift to University of Washington

The UW Dept. of Mechanical Engineering has just acquired a new Instrumented Impact Test machine from Instron, the first of its kind at UW. This has been made possible by major gifts from MicroGREEN Polymers and the Washington Research Foundation, and additional contributions from UW. "It is quite a special story about TechTransfer success, and a strong UW-industry (especially a Washington startup helped by WTC) relationship," said Vipin Kumar, Associate Professor, UW Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

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  • Eleven companies, researchers awarded grants

    "Live long and prosper" could be the tagline for this year's Research and Technology Development (RTD) grant winners. Disease prevention, greener living, and raising the bar on performance were popular themes among the most recent round of grants awarded by Washington Technology Center (WTC).

    RTD grant winners for July 2006 are 3TIER, Seattle; Cadwell Laboratories, Kennewick; Calypso Medical Technologies, Inc., Seattle; EnergG2, Seattle; Hummingbird Scientific, Lacey; Infometrix, Inc., Bothell; Insitu, Bingen; Kronos Air Technologies, Redmond; MicroGREEN Polymers, Arlington; SpringStar USA, Inc., Woodinville; and VentriPoint, Seattle.

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    WTC awarded $952,414 through its RTD program to 11 Washington companies teamed with state researchers from the University of Washington, Washington State University and Swedish Medical Center.

    Winning proposals outlined breakthrough discoveries in everything from heart disease to hydropower, psychoses to pest control, cancer prevention to chromatographs, robust energy storage to robotic reconnaissance aircraft.

    Thermal management was a "hot" issue this year as well with projects taking on such challenges as high temperature testing for nanotech applications, air handling systems for micro-electronics and heat-resistant food packaging made from eco-friendly materials.

    WTC allocates more than $1.2 million annually to the RTD grants program, which provides seed funding to entrepreneurial companies teamed with university researchers on technology projects that show strong commercial potential. Applicants are eligible for financial awards ranging from $100,000 for initial proof-of-concept projects to up to $300,000 for multi-phase research.

    The process is competitive and the goal is clear: to transition our state's most promising innovations into commercial products, company growth and high-wage jobs. The Washington Technology Center has supported 293 technology commercialization projects through its RTD program since 1995.

    These grants have proved effective in helping these companies transition novel technologies from "good ideas" into commercially-viable ventures. From this initial funding, these companies are better able to attract add-on funding from federal grants, angel investors, and industry partners. Annual follow-up surveys show that WTC–assisted companies have been successful in leveraging RTD grants into more than $400 million in additional funding.

    WTC estimates that through its work with Washington entrepreneurs, over 7,000 new technology jobs have been created in our state, many of these from RTD Award recipients. This round of grants is expected to generate roughly 250 full-time technology jobs in Washington over the next two to five years.

    July 2006
    RTD Grant Winners

    Research Partner:
    Andrew Wood, PhD, UW Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Cadwell Laboratories
    Research Partner: James Wise, PhD, WSU-TriCities

    Calypso Medical Technologies (*project canceled)
    Research Partner:
    Timothy P. Mate, MD, Swedish Medical Center

    Research Partner: Guozhong Cao, PhD, UW Materials Science & Engineering

    Hummingbird Scientific
    Research Partner:
    Karl Bohringer, PhD,
    UW Electrical Engineering

    Research Partners: Jaromir Ruzicka, PhD, Mel Koch, PhD, UW Center for Process Analytical Chemistry

    Research Partner:
    Rolf Rysdyk, PhD, UW Aeronautics & Astronautics

    Kronos Air Technologies
    Research Partner:
    Alexander Mamishev, PhD, UW Electrical Engineering

    MicroGREEN Polymers
    Research Partner:
    Vipin Kumar, PhD, UW Mechanical Engineeering

    SpringStar USA, Inc.
    Research Partner:
    R. Bruce Darling, PhD,
    UW Electrical Engineering

    Research Partner:
    Florence Sheehan, MD,
    UW Medical Center

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  • 12 Companies Receive Research Grants from Washington Technology Center

    Sounder sleep. Healthier teeth and gums. More effective medication. Lush lawns and gardens. Tastier breakfast cereal. More powerful electronics. Stealthier military operations. These are some of the innovative ideas born from Washington researchers and business entrepreneurs that will get a jump start to market thanks to public investment from Washington Technology Center (WTC).

    WTC's Research & Technology Development (RTD) grants program awards more than $1 million annually to university researchers teamed with technology companies on projects that show potential for commercial success.

    Twelve Washington companies received awards totaling more than $657,000 in the most recent round of funding. These recipients represent businesses all across Washington, east to west and north to south, with research support provided by three of the state's major academic institutions: University of Washington, Washington State University and Central Washington University. This round of projects also strikes a nice balance of technology businesses operating in both urban and rural communities.

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    The financing assistance provided by these awards is designed to help companies looking to develop innovative new products to get the support necessary to conduct critical research and development studies. The ultimate goal is to provide these companies with a competitive commercial edge, accelerate the delivery of new technologies to market and create healthy business and higher wage jobs in Washington. The outcome of the research in these 12 projects is estimated to generate 650 new technology jobs in Washington over the next five years.

    Below is a list of the 12 RTD grant recipients. To read about each company and their research, click on the company names.

    Phase One Award Winners
    American Premix Technologies, Creston, Wash.
    CellVitro Technologies, Inc., Seattle, Wash.
    DiMeMa, Inc., Seattle, Wash.
    Kronos Air Technologies, Inc., Redmond, Wash.
    Pro-Tech Services, Inc., Mukilteo, Wash.
    SoilSoup, Inc., Seattle, Wash.

    Phase Two Award Winners
    Andgar Corporation, Ferndale, Wash.
    B&G; Farms, Royal City, Wash.
    Insitu Group, Bingen, Wash.
    MicroGREEN Polymers, Inc., Stanwood, Wash.
    Second Act Partners, Inc., Redmond, Wash.
    Tree Top, Inc., Selah, Wash.

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