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Washington Technology Center Regional Technical Services Microfabrication Lab Industries Initiative
Our Story

WTC's mission is to spark ideas, form connections between people and resources, and foster job growth to position Washington State as a national technology leader.

WTC was established in 1983 to help companies develop and commercialize technology products and services in Washington State. For more than two decades, WTC has successfully channeled state and federal funding for research and business development and fostered mutually beneficial partnerships between technology companies, academic researchers, and laboratory facilities across the state.

In any given year, WTC:

    Actively engages companies and academic researchers across Washington State.
    Awards in upwards of $1 million to technology projects that encourage the commercialization of ideas and growth of new companies.
    Educates thousands of Washington State business and community leaders through outreach and events.
    Works with the state legislature to ensure continued funding for emerging technologies and economic development in Washington State.

Washington State channels millions of dollars to high-technology companies through WTC. The return on this investment is great:

    Millions of dollars in funding have allowed local companies to develop new products and create additional jobs.
    For each dollar the state has invested in WTC, 14 additional dollars have been invested in our economy.
    The results of WTC's work are stronger companies, brighter futures for our state's workforce, and a more robust, globally competitive economy for Washington State.