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Washington Technology Center Regional Technical Services Microfabrication Lab Industries Initiative
What We Do

WTC provides critical tools and services to companies, entrepreneurs, and investors to help expand technological innovation and economic growth in Washington State. We serve our clients through three program areas.

Regional Technical Services

    We assist companies in securing federal funding through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.
    We provide matching funds for industry-university collaborative projects as companies develop or advance technology on the path to commercialization of products and ideas.
    We provide business counseling services and access to seed capital, to help start-up and early-stage companies expand.

Microfabrication Laboratory Facilities

    A 15,000-square-foot cleanroom facility houses MEMS micromachining research, development, and production processing.
    Our lab provides industry and university MEMS researchers, scientists and engineers with processes and tools capable of depositing, removing, patterning, and characterizing materials at the micron level and larger.
Industry Initiatives
    We invest in industries and technologies that will establish Washington State as a leader in an increasingly global marketplace.
    We help local communities conduct pilot studies and initiate early adoption of new energy technologies.
    We are providing the support structure to help Washington emerge as a leading state in nanotechnology-based industry.